Like all schools the local authority require us to create school policies. There are many and varied policies covering all aspects of the schools day to day running.  Please click below the policy you require to download. If you require any of these policies as a paper copy please contact the school and we will arrange for them to be sent out.

Additional General Policies

16-19 Bursary Fund Policy

Acceptable Use Policy for Primary

Acceptable Use Policy for Secondary

• Acceptable Use Policy for Staff

• Acceptable Use Policy for Community Users

• Anti Bullying Policy

• Assessment and Marking Policy

• Attendance Policy

• Behaviour Policy

• Charging & Remissions Policy   

Complaints Policy
Complaints Procedure
Complaint Form (for completing if you have a complaint to make)

• Data Protection Policy

• Electronic Devices Searching Deletion Policy

• Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblowing) Policy

• Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

• Education of Children Looked After and Children Previously Looked-After Policy

• Enrichment Activities Policy

• Equality Policy and Objectives

• Mobile Technologies Policy

• Online Safety Education for Staff and Volunteers

• Relationship and Sex Policy (RSE)

• School Technical Security Policy

• Social Media Policy

• Staff Behaviour Policy (Code of Conduct) for all Staff and Volunteers


These policies are regularly reviewed and will be updated once ratified by the school Governing Body.