School and Family Liaison Officers

There is a helpful link attached here which gives important information for families during the Coronavirus outbreak.

At Exhall Grange School, our School and Family Liaison Officers (SFLOs) offer support for pupils, parents and carers. They are able to give advice on a range of issues affecting family life.

They aim to provide a flexible, caring service that is right for you and your family.

Meet the Team

Jenny Arthur

Jenny has a wealth of experience in Health and Social Welfare. She also has experience of offering advice, support and learning opportunities to families. She aims to establish and foster good relationships with parents/carers and their children, ensuring that the child reaches their full potential.

Support offered:

• A link between home and school.
• Referral or signposting to other services
• Advice on benefit and financial issues
 Parenting advice, support and information
• Support with completing forms
• Early Help support if appropriate

What is Early Help?

Early Help is a type of support offered to a family. It can range from signposting to an informative website, right through to working with the family to complete an Early Help Pathway to Change Plan. This plan supports the family to identify difficulties and set actions and goals. Early Help ensures all professionals involved work together with the family. The goals and actions are reviewed at meetings held approximately every six weeks until the goals have been achieved. More information about Early Help and support offered to families can be found on the link below:


Jenny is available to talk to you in person, on the phone or by email.
Telephone : 024 7636 4200
Email :