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Exhall Grange is a 2-19 community maintained specialist school which meets the needs of children and young people with visual impairment, physical disabilities, complex medical needs and social and communication interaction difficulties.

Our latest news stories

Coronavirus update

20th March 2020

A letter has been sent home today via pupils, via email and via post. You can find a copy of this letter here

Update 23rd March 2020 – the school office and telephone will be manned between 9.00am and 10.30am Monday – Friday. We will pick up any messages on the answer machine on the next working day.

Le Café Français

February 2020

On Valentine’s Day, Madame Samra’s Year 8 class turned Cafe Grange into ‘Le Café Français’ to give out delicious French food as well as hot and cold drinks to anyone who asked ‘en français’! The Year 8 students did a wonderful job running the cafe and communicating in French at the same time. They served ‘croissants’, ‘brioches’ and ‘baguettes au fromage’ to each other and to other visitors.  ‘Le chocolat chaud’ was particularly popular!

Well done to the students in Orange Class who all spoke in French to order something from the cafe.

A special mention also goes to Mrs Griffiths and Mr Walsh who tried very hard with their French accents!

A huge ‘merci’ to Ms Jones who helped organise the event. ‘C’était fantastique!’

Year 11, 12 and 13 ‘Talk the Talk’ Day

February 2020

In readiness for their GCSE Spoken Language Examination, Year 11, 12 and 13 GCSE English Language pupils, attended a workshop run by ‘Talk the Talk’ to bolster their confidence in public speaking. Pupils were encouraged to speak on a variety of topics and to practise and experiment with confident communication skills.

Congratulations to Xena Schoon and Cameron Maisey who were voted ‘Oracy Champions’ based on their speeches – we are very proud of you!

W9BA 2019 Competition 3 Winners

January 2020

We are delighted to announce that Callum and Toby have won Warwickshire Schools Library Service Competition 3.

Toby championed the novel in his video book review on The Truth About Lies by Tracy Darnton and Callum championed the novel in his video book review Killer T by Robert Muchamore.

Congratulations Callum and Toby – we are very proud of you!

 Our Vision

• That we strive to be an outstanding school that meets the complex needs of all our pupils and the communities they represent.
• That we constantly improve the quality of the learning outcomes for individuals by refining and refreshing our high quality teaching, reviewing our curriculum and by using assessment and targeting consistently and effectively.
• That all staff of the school, are committed to personal and shared development of skills that strengthen and support our strategic purpose and vision.
• That we remain open-minded as we seek to follow opportunities that strengthen our focus.
• That we maintain and develop self-evaluation and self reflection in ways that consistently focus on the best outcomes for individuals.
• That we undertake strategic planning that enables us to use our skills, expertise and ambitions to support all the pupils we work with.

For more information, any advice or enquiries please call us on
024 7636 4200 or email us at admin7000@welearn365.com