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Exhall Grange is a 2-19 community maintained specialist school which meets the needs of children and young people with visual impairment, physical disabilities, complex medical needs and social and communication interaction difficulties.

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School cafe is open for business – and to boost students’ job prospects

Sept 2018

Students at a Exhall Grange Specialist School in Coventry have opened a new café to help improve their job prospects. Café Grange is now open for business and it is hoped that the new enterprise will offer life-changing career opportunities for students interested in catering and hospitality.

The café is based in an old school kitchen that has been completely transformed thanks to a £40,000 Skills for Employment grant from Warwickshire County Council. More than 40 people attended the official launch of Café Grange. Caroline Parkhouse, assistant head teacher (Post 16) at the school in Easter Way, Ash Green, said: “We are open during school hours and we are looking at opportunities to supply lunches for nearby businesses at Prologis Park.

Year 13 student Heidi Davis said this is the start of a new and fun time for the whole school and surrounding businesses. She said: “The food we serve is really tasty and all homemade. As I am currently heading towards a career in catering, being in the café has helped me to learn new skills and develop the ones that I already have.

Cadbury’s World Trip

Nov 2018

On 27th November year 8 went to Cadbury’s world. This tied in with their history topic. It allowed them to learn about the growth of the chocolate industry from its beginnings in the Tudor times and the effect of Tudor exploration on the Aztecs.

They were also to consider careers in chocolate making and have a go at creating with chocolate themselves. The students enjoyed their day and managed to avoid eating too much chocolate!

Exhall Grange Commemorated the 100 Year Anniversary of the Armistice

Nov 2018

On Tuesday 13thNovember ExhallGrange commemorated the 100 year anniversary of the armistice with a whole school history day. Mr Allton–a re-enactor and expert on the first world war –gave talks to all the year groups on being a soldier in the first world war. This allowed students to look at the weapons and uniforms the soldiers used and to try them out –the uniforms, obviously, not the weapons!

Throughout the rest of the day students were able to be creative making flapjacks, memorial plaques, art work and poetry themed on the war. Many of the students had researched relations or soldiers with their surname they could put on the memorial plaques and the stories discovered were, in many cases, very moving. Students also learnt about the first planes and had a go at creating their own paper planes, investigating what improved their flight.

Mr Robinson created an altar on site with poppies created in art lessons and the day finished with a remembrance assembly with readings of poetry and remembrances from the war. The students showed great respect, enthusiasm and empathy during the day and, hopefully, gained a deeper appreciation of why remembering the war and the sacrifices made is so important.

Year 10 GCSE Media Studies pupils visit BBC Mailbox, Birmingham

Nov 2018

On Tuesday November 13th, 2018 GCSE Media Studies pupils travelled to Birmingham to visit the BBC Mailbox. Pupils visited the BBC Midlands Today studio where Nick Owen popped in to meet the pupils.

Pupils visited the BBC Radio Asian Network Studio where they learnt about the equipment a Radio Presenter might use and the pupils had the opportunity to create their own radio drama. The pupils will now be studying their first close study television media product; Doctor Who – An Unearthly Child.

By Sam Nicholas – English – 26th September 2018

Today was the day. The day to go to one of my favourite trips of them all, the Roman Lunt Fort. I was beaming with excitement. I didn’t know what we going to do there, since we didn’t go in Year 6 and my old school. As soon as the booming bell went, it was time. Time to adventure into Roman ages, and learn of course.

Mrs Law told us to sit down, while Mr Cheney read the register out. Luckily, everyone was here. After Mr. Cheney read the register out, Mrs Law said that we were about to make our way to the mini-buses. That’s when all the chaos started to happen! It happened so quickly, that it was possibly faster than a young cheetah catching its prey. We slowly boarded the mini-buses and sat down quickly. I was on the dark blue one, my favourite. I sat behind the driver, who was really kind. I had my friend sat next to me. We sat down and chatted for the majority of the time the bus stood still. Suddenly, when the wheelchairs were all packed in, the mini-bus engine’s roared. Then we were off!

In no time, we arrived. We again boarded off slowly. I saw just in the distance Mr. Cheney wander off into the gate. He came back saying, ‘’we need a password to get in. And the password is Toe macular.’’ I had never heard of that word. After all of that, we marched into the metal gates and there was a woman standing right below the fort. She seemed to be wearing ragged blue and pink robes, a tear at the bottom of her foot and brown sandals it seemed to appear. We continued to march to her. When we were really close to her, she introduced herself as ‘Nata.’ Some of the students at the back and the front shouted ‘Toe macular!’ She simply replied with, ‘Toe macular is the Latin word for sausage!’ That I did not know.

She spoke about marching for a bit. Then, suddenly, we broke into a full on march into the fort gates. We were going to look outside, first. We marched straight until we came to this thatched building in front of us. Inside was the tiny gift shop, and the museum. We put our coats and bags onto some blue pegs, and handful went to the toilet. After everyone was done, we gathered around Nata and she told us that the Latin word for left and right is ‘Cin and Dex’. That was an interesting fact in my opinion. We marched outside the fort and then once again gathered around Nata again. She was telling us about this ditch, that Celts would go into to get into the Roman fort. Since it was a popular place to get into the fort, Romans placed spiky triangles, I forgot what they were called. Then she told us that Celts sometimes wore nothing. Nothing at all. They also had blue paint around their body to show that they were fierce and the leaders had swords, but not warriors. They were also known as Barbarians and Peasants.

After that, we went back inside the fort. Up above us was the fort. That looked like my favourite bit of the journey. We were going up there next. We climbed the steep steps, and finally, we got to the top. Nata told us a really gruesome fact (in my opinion), that Celts climbed the fort walls, through the nettles and thorns, and if they reached the top, they were easily stabbed by Roman soldiers. After she told us that fact, we came down. Next to the fort, was a big training place. We entered it and then we played a game. There were 2 teams, one with Romans shields and foam javelins. We had to throw the javelins into the shields. Of course, I missed every shot. And then we switched teams. It was nearly time to go.

Next, we went to the museum, where we put our bags. We basically stayed there for the majority of the trip, while others brought money for the gift shop. I dressed up as an angry Roman. After that, we had a quick snappy break, and then we made our way to the mini-buses. And that was it. An amazing trip that was!

I learned a lot of things on this half-day trip. I also enjoyed it as more as I learned. I would definitely go again. Thank you for your time in reading this.

Year 14 Cadent Internship Graduation 2018

We offer a mainstream curriculum and endeavour to break down barriers to learning. Through high quality teaching and personalised support, we aim to unlock the potential of every pupil so that they leave our school as well rounded citizens, ready to embrace the next step of their learning journey.

 Our Vision

• That we strive to be an outstanding school that meets the complex needs of all our pupils and the communities they represent.
• That we constantly improve the quality of the learning outcomes for individuals by refining and refreshing our high quality teaching, reviewing our curriculum and by using assessment and targeting consistently and effectively.
• That all staff of the school, are committed to personal and shared development of skills that strengthen and support our strategic purpose and vision.
• That we remain open-minded as we seek to follow opportunities that strengthen our focus.
• That we maintain and develop self-evaluation and self reflection in ways that consistently focus on the best outcomes for individuals.
• That we undertake strategic planning that enables us to use our skills, expertise and ambitions to support all the pupils we work with.

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