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Exhall Grange is a 2-19 community maintained specialist school which meets the needs of children and young people with visual impairment, physical disabilities, complex medical needs and social and communication interaction difficulties.

Our latest news stories

Year 14 Internship

May 2019

Exhall Grange students in Year 14 have appeared in an article on the ‘Warwickshire Means Business’ page about their Internships placements at Ansty Hall. You can read all about it here.

We are so pleased with how our pupils have grown and matured during their placements and how much the hotel has benefitted from the Internships.

Oral Health

May 2019

According to Public Health England almost a quarter of 5 year olds have tooth decay with an average 3 or 4 teeth being affected. Prevention is always better than cure, therefore please encourage and supervise your child/ren to clean their teeth twice a day and ensure they visit the dentist for a check-up every 6 months even if there are no problems with their teeth.

NHS dental care for children under 18 is free.

Children should also limit sugary food intake as we know that sugar harms teeth. You can speak to your Dentist if you have any concerns about your child’s oral health. The opportunity to discuss any health issues relating to your child is always available and the School Health and Wellbeing Service can be contacted on 03300 245 204 or confidentially text ChatHealth Parentline on 07520 619 376.

Year 9 see a performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time in London

April 2019

On Thursday April 4th, 2019 Year 9 visited London to see a performance of The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon which they have been studying in class. After a visit to Planet Hollywood for a delicious lunch the pupils walked to the theatre and watched the performance. All the pupils and staff agreed it was a fantastic production.

Year 7 visit Warwickshire Secondary Book Awards and George Williams wins Competition 3!

April 2019

On Thursday April 4th, Year 7 visited the Warwickshire Secondary Book Awards 2019. Pupils heard presentations by all six authors about what had inspired them to write their books, the editing process and why they love writing.
Stags by M.A. Bennett received the most pupil votes and was declared winner of the Warwickshire Secondary Book Award.
George Williams won Competition 3 for his blog which championed the novel Rook by Anthony McGowan. Well done George; we are very proud of you!

 Our Vision

• That we strive to be an outstanding school that meets the complex needs of all our pupils and the communities they represent.
• That we constantly improve the quality of the learning outcomes for individuals by refining and refreshing our high quality teaching, reviewing our curriculum and by using assessment and targeting consistently and effectively.
• That all staff of the school, are committed to personal and shared development of skills that strengthen and support our strategic purpose and vision.
• That we remain open-minded as we seek to follow opportunities that strengthen our focus.
• That we maintain and develop self-evaluation and self reflection in ways that consistently focus on the best outcomes for individuals.
• That we undertake strategic planning that enables us to use our skills, expertise and ambitions to support all the pupils we work with.

For more information, any advice or enquiries please call us on
024 7636 4200 or email us at admin7000@welearn365.com