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Exhall Grange is a 2-19 community maintained specialist school which meets the needs of children and young people with visual impairment, physical disabilities, complex medical needs and social and communication interaction difficulties.

Our latest news stories

Year 8 watch Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein at the Belgrade Theatre

October 2019

As part of Year 8’s study of Gothic Horror, they visited The Belgrade Theatre to see a production of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein on Wednesday 14th October 2019.

Rona Munro’s brilliant adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Gothic masterpiece had the pupils on the edge of their seats as Frankenstein’s creature struggled for acceptance in a society, which rejected him.

The pupils have been studying Mary Shelley and it was interesting for them to see an actress playing Mary Shelley on stage agonising over writing the story and being able to appreciate the social and historical context in which she was writing.

Media Students visit The Guardian Education Centre, London

October 2019

On Wednesday 9th October, Year 11, 12 and 13 GCSE Media Studies pupils travelled down to London to The Guardian Newspaper Education Centre. Pupils took on the roles of both reporters and editors and chose, researched and wrote news stories using the day’s breaking news feed. As the day progressed they sub-edited the stories, wrote headlines, chose photographs and produced their page. They learned how stories are structured, how editorial decisions are reached and how news is reported on and produced.

It was an incredibly interesting and educationally enriching day for the pupils and staff.

Dance Festival

October 2019

On Thursday 3rd October, 8 students from Key Stage 3 took part in a dance festival as the opening ceremony. It was the first of many events which our students will have the opportunity of taking part in this year.

They learnt a dance motif, and then had the opportunity to perform in front of the other schools represented. All our students took part throughout the whole morning and were a credit to the school!

Year 7 visit the RSC to see a performance of The Merchant of Venice

October 2019

As part of their study of Shakespeare, Year 7 visited The Swan Theatre to see William Shakespeare’s “A Merchant of Venice” performed. The pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Well done to Ellis, who was invited to play a part with the actors, which he did with enthusiasm. The day concluded with a walk to Shakespeare’s birthplace and a chance to see a scene of Romeo and Juliet performed in the gardens.

 Our Vision

• That we strive to be an outstanding school that meets the complex needs of all our pupils and the communities they represent.
• That we constantly improve the quality of the learning outcomes for individuals by refining and refreshing our high quality teaching, reviewing our curriculum and by using assessment and targeting consistently and effectively.
• That all staff of the school, are committed to personal and shared development of skills that strengthen and support our strategic purpose and vision.
• That we remain open-minded as we seek to follow opportunities that strengthen our focus.
• That we maintain and develop self-evaluation and self reflection in ways that consistently focus on the best outcomes for individuals.
• That we undertake strategic planning that enables us to use our skills, expertise and ambitions to support all the pupils we work with.

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