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Exhall Grange is a 2-19 community maintained specialist school which meets the needs of children and young people with visual impairment, physical disabilities, complex medical needs and social and communication interaction difficulties.

Our latest news stories

Year 11 Science Day

June 2019

On Wednesday 19th June, Year 11 pupils were involved in a full day of “fun science”. Their challenge was to design and make kites in small teams, and they came up with some very imaginative designs. When it came to testing their creations in the afternoon, a severe lack of wind did not work in their favour, but they were determined not to be beaten, and took it upon themselves to run at full pelt across the school field! Some of the kites even managed to fly… for a few seconds at least!

Year 8 Visit the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry to see an Odd Socks Performance of William Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”!

June 2019

On Wednesday 19th June, Year 8 were treated to a performance by Odd Socks of William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. The pupils and staff all agreed it was a fantastic interpretation of the play and extremely funny.


June 2019

School uniform
Our new school logo will be available to purchase as part of the school uniform from 1st July 2019 from our school uniform suppliers, Toye, Kenning & Spencer Ltd.

School term dates 2019/2020

The school term dates for September 19 – July 20 have been finalised. You can find them here.
UPDATE: Pupils now return to school on Wednesday 4th September 2019. Friday 3rd July 2020 is now a normal teaching day.

Parents Evening Summer 2019

  • Primary – 4th July 2019 4-6pm
  • Year 7, 8 and 9 – 4th July 2019 6-8pm
  • Year 10 – 26th June 2019 6-8pm
  • Year 11 (New Year 12) – 26th June 2019 5.30-6pm
  • Year 12 – 26th June 2019 6-8pm

Toby and The Green Generation – Searivers Leisure Caravan Park

Please see a write up regarding one of our students, Toby. You can find the article here.

Year 8 visit YHA Blaxhall!

June 2019

From 12th to 14th June, Year 8 went on a residential trip to Suffolk to the Blaxhall Youth Hostel. They did many activities, including visiting the Felixstore museum at Landguard Fort; visiting Dunwich to see where the town has fallen in to the sea; Framlingham Castle where Nian claimed the castle for the French; and a tour of Ipswich’s gruesome sights – places of execution and graves of men eaten by cannibals! Everywhere we went they were commended on their manners and courtesy and how well behaved they were. A real joy to take. Well done, Year 8!

 Our Vision

• That we strive to be an outstanding school that meets the complex needs of all our pupils and the communities they represent.
• That we constantly improve the quality of the learning outcomes for individuals by refining and refreshing our high quality teaching, reviewing our curriculum and by using assessment and targeting consistently and effectively.
• That all staff of the school, are committed to personal and shared development of skills that strengthen and support our strategic purpose and vision.
• That we remain open-minded as we seek to follow opportunities that strengthen our focus.
• That we maintain and develop self-evaluation and self reflection in ways that consistently focus on the best outcomes for individuals.
• That we undertake strategic planning that enables us to use our skills, expertise and ambitions to support all the pupils we work with.

For more information, any advice or enquiries please call us on
024 7636 4200 or email us at admin7000@welearn365.com