Exhall Grange Specialist School is a county-wide specialist provision for pupils aged between 2 and 19. The school meets the needs of pupils who are unable to access the curriculum in a mainstream school owing to their sensory impairment or physical disabilities, or the impact of long-term illness or social communication difficulties.

Exhall Grange offers the full National Curriculum, which is differentiated according to need. Access to the curriculum is provided through small groups, specialist teaching and adapted resources.

The fragile and vulnerable nature of the pupils on roll means that it is not a suitable placement for children whose behaviour is challenging and unpredictable.


Admissions Procedure for Exhall Grange Specialist School

The admission authority for the school is Warwickshire County Council. The school admits pupils throughout the year but transfer in Year 6/7 will usually be in the September at the start of Year 7.

Consideration will always be given to numbers in and the profile of each year group.

Each referral will be considered by a Local Authority/School Admissions Panel, which meets half termly and is chaired by a representative of Warwickshire’s Special Educational Needs Disability Assessment and Review team. Although Exhall Grange is a Warwickshire LA special school, the admissions process is applicable for the potential admission of pupils from other authorities.


Admission/Eligibility Criteria

The school is suitable to the child’s age, ability, aptitude and special educational needs.

Admission to the school is not incompatible with the efficient education and efficient use of resources.

Parents have expressed a preference for the school.

The child has an Education, Health and Care Plan indicating visual impairment, physical disability, complex medical needs or social communication difficulties as their primary area of need.

The child/young person has the ability to access a mainstream curriculum.

Admissions Process

• Each request for referral will be considered by a Local Authority/School Admissions Panel.
• If the Admissions Panel considers that a place may be appropriate, a place of assessment will be offered for a period of one week.
• Once the child/young person has completed a place of assessment a recommendation will be made to the Admissions Panel who will make the decision whether or not to offer a place.
• If a place can be offered, Exhall Grange Specialist School will be named on the Education Health Care Plan.

Warwickshire’s Procedure to Admission to a Special School :

The procedure indicated below sets out the steps that will be taken when a parent requests a placement at a special school. It is the Local Authority’s wish to work closely with families but this process will prevent any misunderstanding between parents, schools and the Special Educational Needs Disability Assessment and Review Service (SENDAR).

The school cannot offer an assessment or a school place without consultation with the SENDAR and approval from the Admissions Panel. All referrals are made through SENDAR.

SENDAR, in conjunction with the school, discuss the suitability of a placement at the Admissions Panel meeting.

If an assessment placement is agreed with SENDAR and a special school, it must be stressed to all parties that it is for assessment and is time limited. Information from the assessment placement feeds into the next appropriate panel meeting when a decision over placement may be taken.

SENDAR inform parents and the relevant Local Authority of the decision that is made.

If a parent makes a formal request in writing to SENDAR asking the Local Authority to change the name of the school in their child’s statement, the Local Authority legally must, in consultation with the school, reach a decision within eight working weeks. In exceptional cases, it may be necessary for a decision to be made by the SENDAR Manager and the school outside of the panel meetings. The decision will then be reported to the next Admissions Panel Meeting.