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Post 16



Exhall Grange Post 16 is a stepping stone which develops the student as a whole, embeds life long skills and prepares them for the next step of work or education.


Students attend Post 16 five days a week and will follow a foundation learning programme, which is a set curriculum designed to support students in developing independence and acquiring skills needed for their next step.  All courses are designed to take 2 years to complete. However, vocational subjects are selected by the student in year 12 and 13 and last for 1 year.  On completion, students can move onto either college, apprenticeships, supported internships, or supported employment / traineeships.


All courses will be delivered at either GCSE or Vocational Level 2, Level 1 or Entry Level.

Core Qualifications

  • English GCSE – resit if not achieved grade 4 or functional skills
    – if grade 4 achieved, alternative course
  • Maths GCSE – resit if not achieved grade 4 or functional skills
    – if grade 4 achieved, statistics GCSE

3 lessons per subject (6 lessons in total)

Skills for Living and Work (no exam all coursework2)

  • Personal care
  • CV writing and preparation for working life
  • Independent living
  • Understanding business, customer service, enterprise, budgeting and money management
  • Other work-related courses.

6 lessons in total

Vocational Learning:  Options

Students select three options from the following:

Hospitality, Dog Training, Home Maintenance, Art and Design, Horticulture, Child Care, Computing, Sport, Science.

3 lessons per subject (9 lessons in total)

Learning Beyond Exhall Grange:  1 Day A Week.

Every Tuesday students will participate in one of the following activities:

  • Work placement (Outside school)
  • Work placement in school
    • Café
    • Maintenance
    • TA role in Primary, IT, or P.E.
  • Developing skills for work experience

Other projects may be introduced depending on the interests of the students.

6 lessons in total

Physical Education

Which could include sports leadership, swimming or recreation sport.

2 lessons in total

Skills for Adult Life

Careers planning, managing a home, understanding pay and other core skills.

1 lesson

Year 14

Each year some students are able to access an Employability year where students further develop their work readiness.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

The award is available to Post 16 students at bronze and silver level.  To complete the award students have to undertake a skill, service and physical activity for a period of between 3-6 months. Along with a camping expedition that they have planned themselves.

Work Experience / Placement Week

First week in July is work experience week.  As our students come from all over Warwickshire, we ask parents to help find a suitable place for work experience week.  Placements are encouraged on a Tuesday, particularly for Year 13 students.

Dogs in School

The learning environment in Post 16 includes the calm presence of a dog called Mercury. Mercury is a greyhound crossed with a collie and he is experienced at working with young people. Mercury often rests on one of his beds in the Post 16 classrooms during the working day and he is also available for the students to engage with in the lounge area during break and lunch times. Students who do not wish to associate with Mercury are very welcome to observe him from a distance.

Our Post 16 students can also study a vocational course in dog training and husbandry. For students who live with dogs in their own family or in their own future might want to own their own dog or for students who have little experience with dogs but might meet them in other aspects of their lives, the skills we cover build confidence and understanding as well as compassion and empathy.

Career Prospects

All students in Year 12 receive independent careers advice.

Life in Post 16

Life in Post 16 is different from the rest of school.  Students have more freedom which comes with more responsibility.  Students work with the Post 16 teaching team to shape the curriculum and drive new initiatives.

  • Students are based in the Post 16 hub and have access to the lounge and common room at break and lunch times.  There is a fridge in the common room for students to use.
  • Students are not required to wear school uniform, however the expectation is smart casual wear.  No football tops, strapless or thin strapped tops.  Skirts and dresses need to be knee length, shorts need to be knee length and smart.
  • A review of needs takes place each year, along with reports and parents evening.
  • The dedicated Post 16 team supports students throughout their time at school.
  • Mobility training is available for those wanting to use public transport independently.

16 – 19 Bursary

Students can apply for some funding to help with education related costs. This is means tested and applications will be sent out Sept/Oct.


Post 16 students pay for transport, an application must be made to Warwickshire Transport Service or the authority you live in. If you apply for travel, the course information for the application form is Foundation Learning Programme.


Easter Way, Ash Green,
Coventry, Warwickshire, CV7 9HP


024 7636 4200